Calendar of Future Events, Talks & Articles

2018 Feb 24GUILD OF ONE-NAME STUDIES: ACCIDENTS WILL HAPPEN SEMINAR. Looking forward to this seminar as certainly a lot of accidents have occurred in the Swalwell family.Abberley Worcestershire England of Guild of One-Name Studies Seminar Committee
2018 Mar 23 - Mar 25Guild OF ONE-NAME STUDIES ANNUAL CONFERENCE & AGM: NATIONAL TREASURES. Always a good event Cedar Court Hotel Wakefield Yorkshire of Guild of One-Name Studies
2018 May 12GUILD OF ONE-NAME STUDIES SEMINAR: TRADE & INDUSTRY. Looking forward to heading to Durham the home county of the Swalwell'sNational Glass Centre, Sunderland of Guild of One-Name Studies Seminar Committee
2018 May 26WHAT'S IN A NAME? A CLOSER LOOK AT SURNAMES & FORENAMES. Looking forward to sharing the platform with the brilliant Debbie Kennett who will be talking about surnamesSociety of Genealogists, London In Pursuit of Lot’s! Using Forenames to Build the Family Tree. All too often we accept given names without much thought about their choice. But a new or changed pattern of naming can be an important event to consider. In this session, the speaker demonstrates how paying more attention to the usual and unusual naming patterns within the family can:

- Provide a shortcut to tracking individual families within the ancestral family

- Demonstrate migration patterns of the ancestral and the collateral family within the UK and globally

- Provide evidence of a link to a significant family event that triggered the introduction of the unusual surname
2018 Jul 14GUILD OF ONE-NAME STUDIES SEMINAR. ACROSS THE WATERNational Waterways Museum Ellesmere Port of Guild of One-Name Studies Seminar Committee
Hiding in the Chancery Cupboard. The Trials & Tribulations of an Eighteenth Century Wife.
“Chancery Records had always seemed a daunting prospect but the discovery of a Swalwell hiding there meant I could resist no longer.

This talk will focus on that woman, Elizabeth (b1677-d1740), to reveal just what treasure and delights lay in Chancery awaiting discovery. The records reveal a vivid picture of Elizabeth but also of the community in which she lived

Finally the chronicles of the Chancery Records reveal the diminishing status of her three marriages from landed gentry to bankrupt sailor and as such they well illustrate the trials & tribulations of the life of an eighteenth century wife.”
2018 Oct 2GUILD OF ONE-NAME STUDIES SEMINAR. DNABeauchamp College, Oadby of Guild of One-Name Studies Seminar Committee