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DNA Sale

Just to let you know that the major DNA Companies, Ancestry, Family Tree DNA etc, have a sale on this week offering quite good deals on their various tests so they are worth checking out. The most useful tests to take in terms of our genealogy are an autosomal test which anyone can take and a Y-DNA tests which only men can take & therefore is relevant for any men out there bearing the surname Swalwell.

I have done my autosomal and it has added some unknown cousins to my family tree and my father’s Y-DNA but it is true that the more of us that test the more useful it will be in joining up some of the branches of Swalwell surname and also answering the question whether Swalwell is a single source surname or one with multiple origins.

There is a health warning though – DNA results can reveal some surprises & not always welcome ones as well as contradict with our paper trail.

If you have any questions or want to more then do get in touch.