This is not intended as a comprehensive listing of genealogical events happening but simply to highlight those that I am involved with either as an attendee or a speaker and that I think may be of relevance to those interested in the Swalwell surname. If you are planning to view them online or, hopefully later in the year attending them in person then do let me know as it would be good to say hello.

2021 10th February 8pm         

Guild of One-Name Studies: Ancestors in Print Series. Ephemeral Names

Julie Ann LAMBERT. The Librarian of John Johnson Collection at the Bodleian  Library.

Certainly, there are items in this collection that feature a Swalwell. There are playbills that feature James Style Swalwell who was Theatre Manager for Tate Wilkinson’s Yorkshire theatres, his daughter and his two sons-in-law. And there are probably others, so I am looking forward to this talk and learning more about the collection.

Guild Seminars:

2021 13th February 2pm         

Society of Genealogists: Researching Displaced People

Julie Goucher.  Julie is a well-known speaker, presenting both live and electronically, also writing for a number of genealogical magazines and a fellow One-Namer.         

I am currently researching the story of a Swalwell soldier of the Peninsular War in preparation for a talk as part of a Guild of One-Name Studies Military seminar to be held in the Autumn. One aspect of Julie’s talk is overseas prisoners 1803-1815 which will deepen my understanding of this period.

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2021 17th February 8pm   

Guild of One-Name Studies: Ancestors in Print Series: In Print. Here, There and Everywhere. Newspaper Collections in National Libraries Worldwide

Michelle Patient. Genealogist, DNA expert. Also, Michelle with her colleague, Fiona Brooker, host the Talking Family History Lounge on a fortnightly basis which certainly helps keep me up to date with news and ideas from the family history and DNA world.

Newspapers are a fantastic resource for the family historian in revealing the stories and secrets of our ancestors lives but I have so far mainly restricted my research to the British Newspaper Archive so this talk should provide a great stimulus for revealing more Swalwell stories.

Guild Seminars:

18th February 2pm         Society of Genealogists:

Do As I Say Not As I Did: Reflections of an Imperfect Genealogist

Sue Swalwell.

In this talk I will be reflecting on my experience as a family historian and one-namer over the last forty year and confessing to the many mistakes I have made in the process. I will also explore the possible reasons for those mistakes and share some ideas about how I now try to avoid making the same mistakes. As well as this talk The Society of Genealogists offer many other live and recorded talks, so it is worth checking out their new website for booking events.

2021 25th-27th February  Roots Tech Connect . A Free On-line Conference.        

Almost 10,000 people have registered to attend from the United Kingdom and there will be many more from around the world. As well as talks from keynote speakers, classes, a virtual marketplace there is the opportunity to connect with others including relatives identifies from your Family Search tree so far, I apparently have six relatives also attending.

To find out more visit

2021 3rd March 7.30pm  Devon Family History Society        

Hiding in Chancery. The Trial and Tribulations of an Eighteenth-Century Wife.                                

 Sue Swalwell

The focus of this talk is Elizabeth Swalwell who appears in several cases in the Chancery Court in the first half of the eighteenth century and beyond. It will explore the value of Chancery Records in revealing more about the alliances and enmities in the families of our ancestors.              

The Devon Family History Society offers other online talks and is worth checking out to see what is available

2021 24th July                  Guild of One-Name Studies DNA Seminar

The Guild is hoping to hold another of their regular DNA seminars with the opportunity explore what has changed since their previous event here in 2018. Of course, that will depend on the COVID situation but I hope it does go ahead as I am sure it will help to further understand and develop the Swalwell DNA seminar.

Guild Seminars:

2021 October 23

Guild of One-Name Studies Seminar: Those Who Served.

Nearly every generation has known war. Whatever their reasons, whether press-ganged, patriotic or penniless, many of our ancestors served and their stories from Napoleonic times to the two World Wars can be revealed in the records. I will be co-presenting one of the talks with a fellow Swalwell descendant, Marilyn Standfast, exploring the life of Matthew Swalwell, a veteran of the Peninsular War & Waterloo and a Chelsea Out-Pensioner.

Stock Village Hall, Common Road, Ingatestone CM4 9NF

Guild Seminars: