DNA Sale

Just to let you know that the major DNA Companies, Ancestry, Family Tree DNA etc, have a sale on this week offering quite good deals on their various tests so they are worth checking out. The most useful tests to take in terms of our genealogy are an autosomal test which anyone can take and a Y-DNA tests which only men can take & therefore is relevant for any men out there bearing the surname Swalwell.

I have done my autosomal and it has added some unknown cousins to my family tree and my father’s Y-DNA but it is true that the more of us that test the more useful it will be in joining up some of the branches of Swalwell surname and also answering the question whether Swalwell is a single source surname or one with multiple origins.

There is a health warning though – DNA results can reveal some surprises & not always welcome ones as well as contradict with our paper trail.

If you have any questions or want to more then do get in touch.


Happy New Year

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year & that we may all enjoy some breakthroughs with our family history research in 2018.

I would also like to thank you for your interest in the Swalwell One-Name Study website & I hope that it may have helped even in a small way with your own research.

Best wishes


Secret Lives Conference 31 Aug – 2 Sep 2018

I am delighting to be speaking at the Secret Lives Conference which promises to be an amazing event. The talks are offering a fascinating spread of talks from spies, prostitution, life in the asylum or workhouse and on the seedy city street so we will certainly learn a lot about the secret lives of our ancestor. My talk will be “Hiding in The Chancery Cupboard. The Trials & Tribulations of an Eighteenth Century Wife”.

To find more about the Conference visit secretlives.org.uk

Death by Frostbite?

The snow over the weekend & then the temperatures of last night In England got me thinking about Christiana Swalwell. Christiana was the 3rd child & 2nd daughter of Lot Swalwell & Susanna Bennison. who lived to the left of the horseshoe in the photo above. She also died here in the severe winter of 1881, aged 12, as a result of “rheumatic fever accompanied by severe frostbite & exhaustion”. Of course the question is how on earth did she get severe frostbite ….. Any ideas?

It’s All Over

Well my first experience as a speaker at the Who Do You Think You Are Show is over! I really enjoyed the three days I spent at the Show but was exhausted by the end – I spent a couple of afternoons helping out on the Guild of One-Name Studies and I don’t think I had ever realised just how hard those on the stands work!

If you are interested in the talks I did I have uploaded the slides & script of the talk under the Heading Articles & Talks on this website. These but also other handouts from the talks at the show can be found at The Society of Genealogists.

New records in the Data Store

Today we have uploaded the following records into the Data Store:

England & Wales Civil Registration Index: Marriages

England & Wales Civil Registration Index: Deaths

This completes our extracts from the England & Wales Civil Registration Indices for Birth, Marriages and Deaths

Website Update

The website has now been going for just over two weeks & we now have information on just over 3800 individuals and have started adding the details of some of the sources we have used in our research.

We have also added the England & Wales Civil Birth Registration Index to the Data Store, and we hope to e adding the equivalent death data within the next week.


Swalwell’s at the Who Do You Think You Are Show 2017

Well in 10 short weeks I will have presented my talk “In pursuit of Lot’s! Using Forenames to Build The Family Tree” on Thursday 6th April at 4.15pm.
On the morning of Saturday 8th April you will find me in The Education Zone delivering a talk called “Do As I Say Not As I Did! Confessions of an Imperfect Genealogist”
And on the afternoons of Friday 7th April and Saturday 8th April I will be helping out on the Guild of One-Name Studies.
So if you are at the show do come & say hello ….and if you need tickets visit the WDYTYA website

Website Launch

Today the new website of the Swalwell One-Name Study goes live. It is, however, still work in progress so please be patient as we are only part of the way through the process of loading the data. I hope you enjoy it and find something of interest here.