One of the aims of this site is to provide a location where family members or researchers who are interested in the Swalwell surname can connect with each other, share their knowledge or ask for help in finding their missing ancestors. Certainly, this One-Name Study would not be as developed as it is without the generosity of fellow researchers who have shared their personal trees, information, knowledge and photos with me.

Hopefully by continuing to work together we will be able to break down some of those brick walls so please:

  • register on the site so we can keep in touch
  • submit a copy of your own tree – ideally in a GEDCOM format but we will also willingly accept other formats
  • send us any information on birth, baptism, death, burial, marriage, probate, residence, occupation, education, military service but please do quote the sources where you can so that others can assess the reliability of the conclusion reached
  • send us copies of any photos, headstones or certificates
  • consider taking part in the DNA project
  • tell your relatives & contacts about the website

We therefore welcome contributions from fellow researchers and full acknowledgement of those contributions will be given. On a practical basis, however, to manage the maintenance and quality of the site it is not possible for visitors to update the database directly. Therefore, please just send us the information you would like to see added as a GEDCOM file, spreadsheet, document or paper file and we will happily incorporate it.

We will also endeavour to connect you with other researchers who are studying the same branch of Swalwell’s but only with the permission of both parties. So please when you register let us know which branch you are interested in and we will try & put you in touch with the relevant parties.