The aim of this site is to focus on the Swalwell surname so research and inclusion on the database has been restricted to:

  • any individual bearing the Swalwell surname, or one of its variants.
  • the spouses of such individuals and the names of their parents, where known.
  • in terms of female marriages only the first generation of descendants have been included at this stage

The aim of this page is to summarise the approach taken and the conventions used:


Whilst every attempt has been made to be accurate in the extraction of data we are not a primary source of the original data – in all instances we strongly recommend that you check the original source to verify the information we have provided. This is particularly relevant in the context of the civil registration indices provided which should be thoroughly checked before ordering & paying for a certificate.

If you come across any inaccuracies or errors, then please do let us know so that we can rectify the problem.

Data collection:

The intention is to collect every known fact about every person including vital events, census records, military records etc. This means that in many instance multiple sources will be used and recorded for a single fact.

In some instances, those sources may give conflicting information. In these instances, a judgement call has been made when entering the data as to the relative accuracy of the different sources but all the sources will be cited so that you can check the data & make your own judgement.

Further, in some instances the data has been used from available rather than original sources, e.g. census information rather than birth certificates, to infer relationships and connections between individuals. This is because the expense of obtaining the document to prove the relationship, e.g. certificates of civil relationship, is prohibitive for this study to undertake. We would, however, recommend that you obtain the original documentation to validate whether that inferred relationship is correct.


We format dates as DD MMM YYYY.

Non-commercial Use

The information on this site has been gathered from a wide range of sources, both public and private. Wherever possible we endeavour to credit the source of the data so that others can verify the information. We have no intent to gain commercially from the information presented here so we have made the site freely available to others on the web. The information is presented for non-commercial use ONLY.


In terms of privacy only the information for those born over 100 years ago, or those who died before 2000 should be visible. If you come across any instance where this is not the case, then please let us know so we can correct the error.

We do collect & retain information on living individuals for future use by researchers and to try & identify potential participants for the DNA study.


We do hope you will register your interest & would ask you in your registration to highlight the reasons for your interest in the Swalwell surname and provide some indication of which branch of the Swalwell family tree you are interested in.

You are welcome to use the information that you find here for research rather than commercial purposes. We also ask that any that any data or information that is used is credited back to us so that others may check the sources used & verify the data stated.

Your e-mail details will only be visible to the administrator. They will not be passed on to anyone else without your knowledge or permission. We will ask for permission to pass on your e-mail if we identify another researcher who is researching the same branch of the Swalwell family.